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Kindergarten FAQ's

About The 'Polly The Collie' Kindergarten English Course

A: When it comes to language acquisition, the younger the better! According to the most recent research in children's brain development, the best time to lay down essential neural connections in a language learnt as mother-tongue is up to the age of 6. In these years, children's brains can easily absorb more than one language on a native speaker's level.
A: Polly the Collie songs and activities provide children with English language learning enhanced in 3 ways; oral, kinesthetic and visual experiences. This ensures a whole-brain approach for better all-around learning. Children learn, sing, repeat, and recite stories and play games using 14 original songs in English that are alive with a variety of tempos and styles that children really enjoy.
A: All children are naturally motivated to learn and possess a curiosity of the world. Polly the Collie learning materials are specially designed to stimulate children's brains in language acquisition and motivate learning in an enjoyable way - so that it becomes a natural part of their lives. Repeated hearing and positive reinforcement of our quality learning materials have shown proven results in kindergartens around the world.
A: Our teachers are well respected professionals, expertly qualified to provide young students with instruction, guidance, support and motivation. They have undergone our special Teacher Training program to become certified as Polly the Collie teachers; and are considered to be the "best of the best" in early education worldwide.
A: Of course all children learn at different rates, however parents can be assured the Polly the Collie Program is based on materials that are developmentally appropriate and pedagogically proven to achieve results in English language learning for this age range. The program is also flexible enough to respond to individual differences within large groups of children.
A We've been in the Early English business for well over 20 years, and our experience has shown that younger children taking our courses perform better in school in general and much better in English classes. They are not fearful of English as many first time learners are, and exhibit greater self confidence; and this means that they enjoy the learning all that much more.
Please open our Contacts Page and click the link for the list of official representatives of the Polly the Collie program in your area. Either contact your nearest representative or write to us directly. We'll be glad to check it out for you.