Kurzy Polly the Collie jsou určeny pro mateřské školy a větší skupinky dětí.
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Helen Doron Early English for Children

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Teachers and Polly the Collie

The course rationale for Polly the Collie is based on repeated hearing of the song CD and positive reinforcement by the teacher during lessons facilitate learning.

Although the ultimate objective is to use only the target language (English) in the classroom, teachers can use mother tongue language in the early lessons for security, giving instructions and communication.

It is best to have an area in the classroom set aside where activities such as dancing and active games take place. When telling the story, the children can sit on the floor in a semicircle facing the teacher. It is important to place the children's work on display; make sure there is an English corner in the classroom.

Lessons schedule: once or twice weekly

The Polly the Collie Teacher Guide was written for 40 once weekly meetings of 3/4 hour each. In the cases where lessons are given to the same groups twice a week for 3/4 hour, the same weekly lesson will be repeated but with variations marked in blue in the guide book saying (2nd lesson). This allows for up to 79 lessons (including an end-of-year party).